About The Technical Review

About Us

We are a company newly founded in 2019. We employ a staff of highly trained and educated software engineers, creative writers, and digital marketers. Technology is evolving rapidly, and there is a considerable need for coverage of this expansive industry. We offer professional services covering the latest in tech news and products.

Our Staff

  • Kasey Hinton - Owner, Software Engineer
  • Courtney Hinton - Marketing
  • Brett Obolewicz - Accounting
  • Paige Vanderheyden MBA - Writer, Editor

Our Services

The Technical Review is an online journal providing our audience with up-to-date news and product reviews on the latest in technology. We specialize in a distinctive niche separating us from our competition by focusing on software and hardware for a young adult audience. Our target audience is 18-35-year-old technology enthusiasts, hardware geeks, gamers, and software developers.

Our Methodology

We have implemented a variety of methods to ensure the success of our outlined mission. We use state of the art web technologies to ensure that our application is accessible across all ranges of mobile devices. We use an agile methodology in all aspects of our company. We are lean and efficient. Our strategy for content creation is superior to other outlets of our size. We craft our content by using relevant and up-to-date sources to report newsworthy information to our consumers in a timely and professional manner.

Product Requests

If you have a product you would like to have us review please contact kasey@thetechnicalreview.com. We will provide you with a list of product review requirements.